The item you’re buying only works if you have Kubu Equipped door.

Check for the red stickers on the edge of your door underneath the lock!

Stickers present = You’re Kubu Equipped.

No stickers = Get in touch to install a new Kubu Equipped door.

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equipped, help!
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Kubu Equipped

Why choose Kubu

Kubu is the perfect product for the safety and security conscious.

You can benefit from smart notifications, while remaining with

the traditional way of locking by using a key. 

The Kubu app

Download the Kubu app to
connect your doors to your phone

The home hub

Plug in the home hub to connect
your doors to your home wi-fi

The door module

Place the door module into
your Kubu Equipped door

Meet the Kubu kit

Meet the Kubu kit

Kubu Equipped Doors

You need Kubu Equipped Doors installed before you can buy the Kubu Smart Kit

Kubu Smart Kit

Already got a Kubu Equipped Door? Buy your Kubu Smart Kit now.

The Kubu App

With the Kubu App on your phone, you’ll always know the status of your doors

The mobile app

It lets you see the status of
your door (locked/unlocked).

Its perimeter feature stops you
leaving your home unlocked.

Get notifications with
every turn of the key.

You can schedule
notifications when you want.

It shows the history
of your doors.

You can share your door with
family and friends.

Order your Kubu here

With Kubu, say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace-of-mind.

Kubu Equipped Door

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Kubu Smart Kit

Already got a Kubu Equipped Door?

Buy your Kubu Smart Kit now

Extra Door Modules

Got multiple Kubu Equipped Doors? Buy your additional door modules now

Buy your Kubu now

Kubu Security Guarantee

Your home security is incredibly important, that’s why we provide you with
a guarantee to ensure you have confidence in your Kubu Smart Lock

Kubu Security Guarantee

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Pro Installer

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installing smart hardware with every door.
Learn all the benefits of becoming a Kubu Trade Pro

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