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How do I activate my Kubu compatible lock?

How do I know if my door is Kubu compatible?

Firstly, your door will need to be ‘Kubu compatible’. You will know whether your door is equipped if your lock has two red activation stickers on. You can also ask your installer if your door is Kubu compatible.

Red activation stickers

Once I know my lock is compatible, what do I do next?

To activate your door lock and benefit from its smart features, you will firstly need to purchase the Kubu Kit. Once you have received your Kubu Kit, follow the steps that are in the quick start guide to get set up. You can see our quick start guide by clicking here.

Kubu Kit

What comes in my Kubu Kit?

Your Kubu Kit contains everything your need to activate one door. You will receive one Kubu Hub, one door sensor and 2025 coin cell batteries, which give 18 months worth of battery life.

Inside the Kubu Kit

I have more than one Kubu compatible lock, what do I purchase?

If you have more than one door with Kubu compatible locks installed you will need to purchase an additional single door sensors. Currently you can connect up to x3 door sensors to one Kubu Hub.

Additional single door sensors