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What are the Wi-Fi network requirements?

For your Kubu to work you will need the following minimum connectivity requirements:

1. Kubu compatible door. The door should have red smart lock activation stickers and a smart activation slot on the faceplate of the lock. This makes the door compatible for a Kubu smart kit.

2. A stable Wi-Fi connection is required, this is needed for the Hub connectivity. The Kubu Hub will only connect to Wi-Fi routers that are using 2.4GHz frequency.

Your Wi-Fi signal strength will need to be -50 dBm for the hub to maintain a good solid connection.

3. If you are using a 2.4/5 GHz dual network, make sure your mobile device is connected to a 2.4 GHz network at the beginning of the setup process.

4.Ensure you are not using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy Server on either the router or mobile device.

5. Ensure your router does not have an Isolation mode enabled. Some “guest” networks have this setting as a default.

– This setting can be named multiple ways, such as “Wi-Fi Isolation” ,“AP Isolation”, “IP Isolation”, or “Network Isolation”

6. For optimum connectivity, please check your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or router manufacturer for assistance with checking firewall settings and ensuring the following ports are open.

1.Internal Network Traffic– TCP/HTTPS 443 for data traffic.- TCP/MQTT 8883 for data traffic.

2.Outbound Traffic to the Internet– TCP/HTTPS 443 (/80) for data traffic.- TCP/MQTT 8883 for data traffic.

7. If you are using a network extender/repeater, ensure the network name (SSID) and password are the same as your primary network.

8. The Kubu Hub will not connect to an ‘Open Network’ for security reasons.

For additional support on setting up your network, please review your router’s documentation or contact your router’s manufacturer.

If you have additional questions on connecting your Kubu, please contact Kubu Customer Care.